A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.


Minister of Culture Receives Citizens in Samukh

In accordance with the instruction of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, the heads of central executive bodies and other administrative bodies hold receptions in cities and districts every month, address citizen appeals on various issues and take appropriate measures. In line with the schedule of receptions by the heads of the central executive authorities, the next meeting of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan Adil Karimli with the citizens took place on June 14 in Samukh district. Before the meeting, the Minister and the Executive Head of the District, Firdovsi Aliyev, laid flowers at the monument of the national leader Heydar Aliyev in Samukh and paid tribute to his cherished memory.
At the reception held at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Samukh, the applications of the residents of the Samukh, Goranboy, Goygol, and Dashkasan districts, as well as Ganja and Naftalan cities, were reviewed.

The applications concerned proposals and initiatives in the field of culture, employment, and various other issues. In addition, several existing issues in the field were highlighted. The Minister of Culture, Adil Karimli, listened to the citizens and instructed the relevant officials of the Ministry of Culture to investigate the issues in each application swiftly and resolve them according to
the law. During the reception, the applications of the families of martyrs and veterans were recorded and placed under supervision to ensure that they receive timely attention.


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