A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.

27.03.2023 17:04
The Academic National Drama Theater presented its production of "Malikmammad" in ShakiAs part of the “Year of Heydar Aliyev“, eight leading theaters from the capital  toured the regions during the Novruz holidays under the organization of the Ministry of Culture. The aim of the tour was to boost cultural life in the regions, enhance the quality of leisure time, particularly for the youth, and facilitate closer communication and the exchange of valuable experiences with local creative teams. As per the tour schedule, the Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theater was the guest of the theater enthusiasts in Shaki. On March 27, which marks International Theater Day, the theatre staff staged a performance of the play “Malikmammad,“ based on the tale of the same name, in Shaki. The stage production, which is generating great interest, is directed by honored artist Nijat Kazimov and director Mehman Fatullayev. The art director of the production is Honored Worker of Culture Ilham Elkhanoglu, the composer of the music is Kamil Ismayilov, and assistants to the directors are Vugar Mammadov and Konul Karimova. Honored artist Mehriban Khanlarova and actors Elchin Afandi, Shahla Aligizi, Vusal Mustafayev, George Gafarov, Elsever Rahimov, Rada Nasibova, Ilaha Hasanova, Lala Suleymanova, and Tural Ibrahimov participated in the performance. ..
15.03.2023 11:42
Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on awarding A.R. Rzayev the "Amak" order of the first degreeGuided by Item 32 of Article 109 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I hereby order: Anar Rasul oghlu Rzayev shall be awarded the “Amak“ order of the first degree in recognition of his sustained and impactful contributions to the development of Azerbaijani culture. Ilham Aliyev President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku, March 15, 2023 ..
13.03.2023 11:43
Cultural institutions were inspected in Aghstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz, and ShamkirA delegation from the Ministry of Culture, led by the First Deputy Minister of Culture and Acting Minister of Culture Adil Karimli, visited Aghstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz, and Shamkir on March 11 to evaluate the working conditions and technical resources of cultural establishments operating in the districts. The delegation inspected several establishments, including the Heydar Aliyev Center, the City Children’s Music School named after Huseyn Arif, the State Art Gallery, the Centralized Library System (CLS), the Museum of History and Local Studies, and the Culture Center in Aghstafa district. Additionally, the Folklore Club No. 1 of the District Culture Center, Library Branch No. 2 of Daghkasaman Village, and Village House of Culture were examined. During the visit to the Gazakh district, the delegation examined the Heydar Aliyev Center, Literary Museum, Museum of History and Local Studies, CLS, Culture Center, Gazakh State Drama Theater, State Art Gallery, Israfil Agha Bath, and several other cultural establishments in the region. The delegation visited the Gazakh Center of the ADA University, housed in the historical building of the Gazakh Teachers' Seminary. During the visit, they were introduced to the educational institution's activities and the conditions provided in the complex. Moreover, a visit was paid to the “Avey“ State Historical and Cultural Reserve and its Damjili branch located in Dash Salahli village. The region is known for its ancient Damjili cave site of significant global importance and numerous caverns. In 1953–1957, the archeologist M. Huseynov conducted the first-ever archeological excavations in the area, discovering about 30 caves from the Stone Age period and around two thousand tools on Avey Mountain. Under a memorandum signed in 2015 between the Tokyo University Museum of Japan, the current Institute of Archaeology, Ethnography, and Anthropology of ANAS, and the Avey“ Reserve, the Japanese and Azerbaijani experts continue archeological research in the area. As part of its visit to Tovuz district, the delegation viewed the Azerbaijan State Ashig Art Museum, the first of its kind worldwide. Valuable exhibits, showcasing the history and current state of Azerbaijani ashig art, are housed in the modern museum, which was established under the direction of President Ilham Aliyev and put into operation with his participation. Tovuz State Art Gallery, District Museum of History and Local Studies, CLS and No. 1 Govlar City Library Branch, Heydar Aliyev Center, Ashig Akbar Jafarov Regional Culture Center, Folklore Houses of Govlar city and Duz Girigli village, the Children's Music School named after Ashig Asad Rzayev, and the Children's Music School of Govlar city were among the institutions visited by the delegation. It was emphasized that successful cooperation between educational art institutions and cultural establishments is necessary, and effective joint activities must be organized as well. The delegation also examined the modernized Tovuz District Culture House, named after Nizami Ganjavi, which was renovated under the direction of the President and now meets contemporary standards. The delegation gave instructions to enhance and invigorate the center. Later in Shamkir district, the delegation visited several cultural institutions, such as the Culture Center, named after Ahmad Javad, the Heydar Aliyev Center, the Museum of History and Local Studies, the Children's Music School, the German Lutheran Church, the LCS and its Children's Department, the Duyarli Village Library Branch named after Mahir Aslanov, Zayam Settlement Library Branch, and the Zayam Settlement House of Culture. The delegation was informed about the material and technical capabilities of the institutions, their current status, and the future directions of their activities. During their visit to the districts, the delegation inspected several outdated infrastructure facilities that do not comply with modern standards. Notes were taken by the staff, and relevant assignments were given. A meeting was held with the teaching staff and students of music schools during the visit, and it was established that there are talented children with creative potential in the music education centers. The importance of evaluating and promoting their abilities was emphasized. In addition, it was determined which regional cultural institutions will host the nominations for the Children's Art Festival commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of national leader Heydar Aliyev, which will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Heydar Aliyev Center. Relevant tasks and recommendations were given to enhance the efficient organization of activities and resolve issues present in cultural institutions within the districts. ..
11.03.2023 11:51
First Deputy Minister of Culture Adil Karimli meets with the staff of the Composers’ UnionOn March 10, Adil Karimli, the Acting Minister of Culture, and the First Deputy Minister of Culture met with the staff at the Azerbaijani Composers' Union. During the meeting, Adil Karimli discussed the reforms implemented to foster the sustainable development of our culture. The Deputy Minister stated that the principal objective of the meeting was to exchange ideas with the institution's management and hear their suggestions in relevant areas. Attention was drawn to the development of a new strategy for the growth of the cultural sector in alignment with the tasks established by President Ilham Aliyev. Accordingly, new structural mechanisms and forms will be established, with a particular emphasis on increasing the number of skilled professionals in this field. It was stated that certain gaps exist in relation to our cultural heritage, national values, and moral values. As such, it is crucial to extend support to professional and creative disciplines, and the cooperation between creative associations in the country is also important. The Chairperson of the Composers' Union, People's Artist Firangiz Alizadeh, provided information about the organization's traditions and activities. Union members also expressed their opinions on the challenges and opportunities in the field of composing. ..
10.03.2023 18:16
First Deputy Minister of Culture Adil Karimli visits the Union of Theater WorkersMarch 10 is National Theater Day in our country. Today also marks the completion of 150 years since the establishment of Azerbaijan's professional national theater. On this occasion, the Acting Minister of Culture and First Deputy Minister of Culture, Adil Karimli, met with the leadership of the Union of Theater Workers of Azerbaijan on March 10. He extended his best wishes to the staff on National Theater Day and took the opportunity to familiarize himself with both the administrative building and the creative process of the union. During the meeting, information was given regarding the institution's activities, work principles, and executed projects. The participants had an opportunity to exchange views on the work implemented by the union, theater history, contemporary theater processes, and overcoming challenges in this field. ..
10.03.2023 13:30
Information about Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev on UNESCO's official social media accountsUNESCO's “Twitter,“ “Instagram,“ and “Facebook“ accounts dedicated to Russian-speaking audiences shared a post about philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev's 200th birth anniversary. In the post, it was noted that Taghiyev founded the first girls' school in the Muslim East and the Azerbaijan National Theater. His quote was also included in the post: “Educated girl, educated mother, educated family.“ ..
10.03.2023 09:07
Ministry of Culture to host a telethon on the National Theater DayMarch 10 - “Day of the National Theater“. Today, the professional national theater of Azerbaijan turns 150 years old. Our professional theater art was based on the traditions of the ancient folk theater. The National Theater was founded with the performance of the comedy «Adventures of the Vizier of Lankaran Khan“ by Mirza Fatali Akhundzade, the founder of the national dramaturgy (было пропущено) in 1873 and had been richly developed over the years. The jubilee of the professional national theater in Azerbaijan was celebrated for the first time at the state level, with great ceremony, half a century ago under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev, the great patron of our culture. The great leader, who delivered a profound speech on the 100th anniversary of our theater, paid special attention and care to the development of national theater art. The important decisions were made in this direction, and the creative achievements of theater services were appreciated by the state. The President Ilham Aliyev continues paying attention and care for theater art at the present days. The head of the state signed a decree on the 150th anniversary of the Azerbaijani theater On February 3, 2023. As mentioned in the order the theater is the cultural wealth of our people, and its protection and development are among the main priorities of the state's cultural policy. Various events and projects are being implemented on the occasion of the significant anniversary. The telethon will be held with the participation of the television channels of our country on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture on March 10 - The National Theater Day. This event is going to be a pleasant surprise for all the theater lovers. On this day, the television channels will review the activities of theaters, show performances, and present the ideas and thoughts of artists who have dedicated their lives to Azerbaijan’s theatre stage. In short, a real “theatrical wind” will blow in the television space of Azerbaijan today ..
06.03.2023 17:59
Cultural institutions visited in Khachmaz, Gusar and GubaThe First Deputy Minister of Culture, and Acting Minister of Culture Adil Karimli visited Khachmaz, Gusar and Guba to evaluate the operational circumstances, material resources, and technical facilities of the cultural institutions operating in these districts. During the visit to Khachmaz district, various establishments such as the Heydar Aliyev Center, children's music and art schools, museums, and clubs, and libraries, were examined.  The importance of using the established conditions efficiently, focusing on result-oriented activities, and meeting modern standards of work was emphasized. Children's art school, Centralized Library System (MCS) and its 43 village and settlement library branches, Art Gallery, Museum of History and Local Studies, Children's Art School, Culture Center, as well as 14 Culture Houses and 38 clubs are among the cultural institutions operating in Gusar district. Some of the cultural establishments, along with buildings that reflect the district's historical heritage, were inspected. Tasks related to the implementation of working mechanisms were assigned to encourage the development of creative directions typical of the region. The  remains of the 13th-century fortress walls and the mosque located in Anig village of Gusar region were also examined. The Green Theater, Museum of Flags, and “Dome Bath“  and the progress of the renovation work at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Guba was also checked during the visit. Appropriate instructions were given for the promotion and protection of the bath belonging to the 18th-19th centuries. ..