A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.

19.10.2022 16:50
President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva viewed master plan of Gubadli city and laid foundation stone for Occupation and Victory museums complexPresident of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva have viewed the master plan of the city of Gubadli, and laid the foundation stone for the Occupation and Victory museums complex. Chairman of the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture Anar Guliyev informed the head of state and the First Lady of the master plan of the city of Gubadli. The master plan was prepared by the Swiss “sa_partners” firm and Baku State Design Institute. The Gubadli Occupation and Victory museums complex will consist of the Occupation Museum, Victory Museum and the Memorial Park. The complex will cover an area of nearly 3 hectares. President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva laid the foundation stone for the Occupation and Victory museums complex. ..
12.10.2022 12:57
The art symposium "XAZART" will be held on October 7-15, 2022In cooperation with “Galaaltı“ Hotel & SPA“ and with the support of the Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan the art symposium “XAZART“ will be held on October 7-15, 2022, in the “Qalaaltı“ Hotel & SPA. The participants of the symposium are well known painters. Among invited guests are well-known artists working outside of Azerbaijan as well. The names of Anar Huseynzade, Anar Yolchuev, Diana Aliyeva, Eldar Babazade, Elnur Makhmudov, Abulfaz Farajoglu, Farhad Yalguzag, Inna Kostina, Mir Azer Abdullayev, Rafail Aliyev, Erkin Alakbarli, Tarana Seid, Zohrab Salam-zade are well known to all art fans. In addition to the painters, among the honorary guests of the symposium, there will be guests representing broad range of various fields of art. The purpose of the art symposium “XAZART“ is to identify current trends in the visual arts with the participation of the wide public and to popularize modern painting among a wide audience. A special series of exhibitions called “Artrium“ has been launched by the gallery in cooperation with “Qalaaltı“ Hotel & SPA since last summer.  At this exhibition every month a new artist presents his work.  The first exhibition, called “restART“, was dealing with the works of Mir Azer Abdullayev. Each artist will bring his own world, his own vision to the symposium, and will familarize the audience with his art works.  Various areas of painting, abstract and classical works will be presented in the symposium. The art symposium “XAZART“ is held with the aim of giving a new momentum to the artistic life in the regions, increasing the creativity of local talents, creative ties between the capital and regions, as well as familiarizing foreign guests with local art and cultural life of the country. ..
05.10.2022 13:56
The short profile was prepared within the framework of the international Compendium AssociationThe short profile on the cultural policy implemented in the Republic of Azerbaijan was prepared within the Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends Association framework. The review, posted on the relevant web portal (https://www.culturalpolicies.net/2022/09/29/first-short-profile-of-azerbaijan/) and prepared in report format, covers the following topics: • background of cultural policy development, goals, main characteristics and organizational structure of the cultural policy system; • main issues, debates and perspectives in the field of cultural policy, as well as international cultural cooperation; • cultural institutions by sectors and fields; • information about the country to be included in the comparative tables; • national and international cultural legislation, etc. For information, the international project of the Council of Europe, “Compendium of Cultural Policy and Trends in Europe“, has been ongoing since 1998, and national reports and analyses prepared by forty-two European countries and several other countries are posted on the corresponding web portal. The Azerbaijani side has been actively participating in this project since 1999. After changing the organizational format of the project, the Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan was accepted as a stakeholder member of the Compendium of Cultural Policy & Trends Association from 2021 by the initiative of Minister Anar Karimov (https://www.culturalpolicies.net/about/our-members/). National profiles, comparative analyzes and statistical reports prepared according to the advanced methodology of the Compendium of Cultural Policy & Trends Association, which is the leading information and monitoring platform for establishing criteria and standards in the field of cultural policy, currently constitute the world's most detailed and professional reference source in this field (https://www.culturalpolicies.net/database/search-by-country/). The Compendium database, designed for a broad international audience, creates compelling opportunities to benefit from international experience in the field of cultural policy and to convey objective information about cultural processes in Azerbaijan to the political, creative and intellectual community of the world. ..
05.10.2022 09:31
President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva got acquainted with works to be done in Imarat Complex, and unveiled mausoleum of Khurshidbanu NatavanOn October 4, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva got acquainted with the works to be done in the Palace of Panahali Khan and Imarat Complex, and unveiled the mausoleum of Khurshidbanu Natavan in Aghdam. First, the head of state and the First Lady were informed of the works to be done in the Palace of Panahali Khan and Imarat Complex. The initial concept project for the Imarat Complex, where the Palace of Panahali Khan is located, was developed by Italy's “ArtCloud Network International s.c.r.l.” company. The restoration and conservation works to be carried out in this complex will be led by cultural heritage programme manager Alessandro Bianchi. Then, President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva unveiled the mausoleum of Khurshidbanu Natavan, a prominent representative of the 19th century Azerbaijani romantic poetry, poet, artist, daughter of Khan. President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva laid flowers at the mausoleum of Khurshidbanu Natavan. ..
30.09.2022 20:12
Master classes on Azerbaijani musical art will be held in Turkish universitiesA cultural exchange between Azerbaijani artists and Turkish universities will take place for the first time on October 3 2022, with the joint cooperation of Cultural Network House and TADIV. Within the framework of this event, the valuable artists of Azerbaijan, Sahin Novrasli Jazz, Togrul Asadullayev Kamancha and Arslan Novrasli Tar, will give a master class to Turkish students. Students will listen to the performance of our professional artists and gain valuable knowledge about the depth of Azerbaijani music. ..
23.09.2022 16:10
“Hippos Travelling the World & Calling for Climate Action” children’s exhibition starts in Azerbaijan On September 26, a tailor-made exhibition for children on climate action will open at the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art with the organizational support of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art with UNICEF Azerbaijan, in partnership with the Ministry for Culture of Azerbaijan Republic and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic. The exhibition project is educational in nature, telling the new generation, children in particular, about the problems of climate change and environmental pollution, and the steps that need to be taken now to avoid catastrophic consequences. The exhibition will feature exhibits from Lien Heikens her private collection of hippopotamuses, which are one of the many symbols of today’s catastrophic climate situation. The exhibition touches upon the increase in carbon emissions and environmental degradation left by human civilization, which can lead to irreversible changes in the significantly impacting the quality of life of children and the next generations.  Of all the challenges children face in the world today, none is more far-reaching than the intensifying impact of climate change (UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell).   During the exhibition, «Earth Says», an animated film created by worldwide author Denis Thomopoulos will be screened, explaining to children the problems of environmental pollution, and ways to combat climate change on the planet. Also, within the framework of the project, and for the first time in the Azerbaijani language, a number of comic booklets from the Comics Uniting Nations series will be distributed to the public, aiming at educating the young generation about climate change. The exhibition will also feature information tours, presentations, and panel discussions on the environment and climate change, specific to children and youth.    The exhibition is also part of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, a campaign which started in June this year and will run until 2030, calling for action to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems world. The exhibition will last until October 29.  ..
29.08.2022 12:28
DokuBaku Festival has announced the juryDokuBaku IDFF, which will be held on September 21 - 25, 2022, has announced the international jury for the 6th edition, which consists of fifteen experts from different countries. The judges will evaluate films in three categories: Best Feature Documentary, Best Short Documentary and No-Main Competition. Films in each category will be judged by an appointed panel of judges. This year the jury includes well-known documentary filmmakers and representatives of the film and photo industry. Among them are the winner of numerous awards, the winner of the Cannes Film Festival and a member of the jury of the American Film Academy Sergey Dvortsevoy, the French photojournalist, the winner of numerous international awards, including the UNICEF award, the holder of the French National Order of Merit Reza Deghati and the winner of the EMMY award, a nominee for the award Oscar producer Kirstin Barfod. The special guest of this year’s festival is the Polish documentary director and screenwriter, the winner of many festival film awards Pawel Lozinski. He will present his film “The Balcony”, produced by his wife Agnieszka Mankiewicz. The voting procedure will take place online and in person, followed by a joint discussion, during which the winners in each category will be selected. The winners will be announced during the days of the festival. DokuBaku is the first and only independent International Documentary Film Festival in Azerbaijan. Since the establishment of the festival 2017, its aim is to present a showcase of handpicked - specially selected documentary films from all over the world in the international program as well as the local competition, which aims to support the local filmmakers and non-fiction production.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0DTcIfgTMo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XABzXt9dx1o ..
26.08.2022 09:33
An international project, “Youth ArtCamp Shusha and Baku” is being heldIn accordance with the Decree 3096 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 5, 2022, “Regarding the Declaration of 2022 as the “Year of Shusha“ in the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Action Plan for the Year of Shusha“ was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan. According to paragraph 25 of the aforementioned Action Plan, an international project called “Youth ArtCamp Shusha and Baku“ will be held in our country from August 26 to September 5, 2022.  The “ArtCamp” international project was first launched in Andorra, in 2008 with the initiative of the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO for overcoming cultural differences, sharing the experiences and values and promoting international harmony, coexistence, mutual respect and cooperation. Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan in collaboration with National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Kingdom of Spain and National Commission of Andorra for UNESCO organizes the “Youth ArtCamp Shusha and Baku” to provide an opportunity for foreign artists to create works inspired by historical and natural sites of our country. The primary objective of the “ArtCamp” project that is organized under the patronage of Ms. Hedva Ser, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Cultural Diplomacy is to arrange a showcase of art works for guest artists and to promote the fundamental values embraced by UNESCO, including the sustainability of peace and the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expression.  16 young artists that will participate in the “Youth ArtCamp Shusha and Baku“ project have been selected by the jury from among the candidates nominated by the UNESCO National Commissions of foreign countries. The abovementioned project is of great importance for the promotion of Shusha in the international world as a bright pearl of centuries-old rich culture, architecture and urban planning of Azerbaijan. Although Shusha has been sufficiently glorified in the works of well-known national artists, poets, writers, musicians, and architects of Azerbaijan, a new view at the city through the eyes of foreign artists is necessary. Getting familiar with history, culture, and intellectuals of Shusha and the current construction works carried out in the pearl of Karabakh along with their short stay in the city will provide an opportunity for foreign artists to obtain full notion about this wonderful city. Within the framework of the project, in addition to Shusha, a visit to Aghdam, Fuzuli and Jabrayil cities of Azerbaijan is planned. The works created by the participating artists which will be a reflection of their impressions about Shusha and other visited cities of Azerbaijan will be portrayed in the mass media of different countries and, consequently, will appeal to a wider audience. The Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, National Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan for UNESCO and the Andorran National Commission for UNESCO are considering to prepare a catalogue of works prepared by young artists during the project, to publish them in various foreign countries and to hold their exhibition. ..
22.08.2022 17:15
ANIMAFILM Festival, which will take place under the slogan "One Ticket = One Tree" has announced its programThe traditional 5th ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival for children and adults will be held on September 7-11, 2022 at the Nizami Cinema Center. The festival published the extensive program and announced ticket sales. As the animation festival is dedicated to “CLIMATE CHANGE“, all revenue from ticket sales will be used for tree planting in Azerbaijan. As the international event is dedicated to the theme of “Climate Change“, all the revenue obtained from ticket sales will be donated to the Karabakh Revival Fund in order to contribute to the restoration of the ecological balance in the territories liberated from occupation. This year, the festival will present three main programs to the audience: a competition program, a non-competition program and a program for professionals. Aside from the screening of animated films, workshops and master classes will be organized with the participation of local and foreign professionals. This year, 230 films from 50 countries were submitted to the festival. The selection committee accepted 76 films from 29 countries into the competition program. These films will compete in 1 local and 6 international categories. All selected films evaluated by the International Jury and winners will be announced at opening and closing ceremonies of the 5th ANIMAFILM Festival. 22 local children were included in the Children's Jury, and 6 foreign professionals were included in the International Jury: Jonathan Laskar (Switzerland), Tilly Wallace (Great Britain), Markus Øvre (Great Britain), Nodar Begiashvili (Georgia), Jorn Leeuwerink (Netherlands), Daniel Bird (Great Britain). In addition, this year, the winner of the Audience Award will be determined based on the results of audience voting during the film screenings, and the winner will be awarded by Lenovo. Awards in other nominations of the festival will be presented by TVPaint Développement (“Best Short Student Animated Film “), the French Embassy in Azerbaijan and the French Institute (“Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film“) and Shahmaran Metaceramica. The non-competition program will feature films about climate change, the “Mother Nature“ program for children, full-length animated film Even Mice Belong in Heaven (Czech Republic), Ukrainian animation, a virtual exhibition, and winning films of the Baku International Short Film Festival. The feature film Weathering with You will be screened on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Japan. The program for professionals will feature Azerbaijani animated films in development/production, meetings with the International Jury, and a master class by director Jonathan Laskar (Switzerland). Apart from these, “Stop Motion“ and “Paint-on-glass Animation“ workshops with the participation of Nitya Ramlogan (USA), Tilly Wallace (England) and Nazrin Aghamaliyeva (Azerbaijan) are also scheduled. Additionally, the festival will host a conference entitled Reframing Animation: Moving Image Preservation and Restoration in the Digital Age. Azerbaijan Animation Association NGO along with PERI FILM LLC are the organizers of the 5th ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival. Partners of the festival this year include: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, Karabakh Revival Fund, Culture Network House Association, Azerbaijan Creative Industries Federation, Shahmaran Metaceramica, Dynamic Box Studio, Nizami Cinema Center, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Embassy of France in Azerbaijan and French Institute in Azerbaijan, Embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan, Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Japan Foundation, Lenovo, Tripsome, Ritual Mobil Theater Laboratory, Cafino Coffee&Wine, Nemi Hotel Baku, Unibroad, Choche.az, Annecy International Animation Film Festival, TVPaint Développement. Media partners of the festival: BAKU magazine, Nargis magazine. ..