A nation is known, recognized and distinguished among the world nations by certain characteristic features. The highest and the greatest of these features is culture.

15.03.2024 15:16
Exhibition Clothing and Jewellery Culture of the Turkic Peoples is open at the Azerbaijan National Carpet MuseumOn March 15, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum held the opening ceremony of the exhibition Clothing and Jewellery Culture of the Turkic Peoples. The exhibition dedicated to the 15th anniversary of inscription of Novruz Festival in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity is organized jointly by the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum. The exhibition showcases the traditional women’s costumes and jewellery items of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Turkiye and Turkmenistan. The patterns and material of these artworks aim to create a rich perception of the unique national features, customs and traditions, natural and geographical conditions of the habitat of the Turkic peoples, their mindset and lifestyle. The presented exhibits are preserved in the collections of the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum, Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation, Association of Hungarian Folk Artists and private collector Virginija Morgan-Hayat’s. The exhibition is on until March 31 and includes a master-class and a lecture. ..
28.02.2024 18:01
“Hello, Novruz!” 28 February – 15 AprilOn February 27, an exhibition named ‘Hello, Novruz’, dedicated to the arrival of spring to our native homeland, was opened at the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art. The exhibition, the opening of which took place on Su Charshanbasi (Water Tuesday), the first harbinger of the spring holiday, and was presented based on about 80 exhibits, including decorative-applied and fine artworks selected from the collection of the museum, was jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art.The curator of the exhibition is Shirin Malikova, PhD in Art Studies, Associate Professor. With an exciting concept, the exhibition space is divided into five thematic halls dedicated to the Tuesdays of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Novruz holiday, the beginning of the astronomical new year. At the entrance of the exhibition, visitors are welcomed by an interactive tree of dreams. While writing their wishes and hanging them on it, they transform it into a tree with green leaves, and by this, they contribute to the design of the exhibition personally. In Su Charshanbasi Hall, there are ceramic dishes with geometric ornaments from the Bronze Age which semantic meanings are related to water, dolcha, sahang, aftafa-layan, water bowl, chiljam (forty keys basin) distinguished by their beauty of the form and exquisite patterns, artistic metal samples of the 19th century are displayed. In the next hall dedicated to Od Charshanbasi (Fire Tuesday), an ancient ceramic example reflecting the ideological views of our ancestors connected with the faith in fire and sun, fine artistic embroideries in different techniques of the XIX century with the beautiful colour solution, decorated with ornaments and images representing the sun, examples of artistic weapons like helmets, shield and other unique art samples are presented to the visitors. In Yel Charshanbasi (Wind Tuesday) hall, among the decorative art examples related to the element of air, elegant kelaghayi, delicate fans, and wind instrument- ney are displayed. Interactive methods were used to bring dynamism to the hall, a specific atmosphere to this Charshanba (Tuesday). Continuing the theme, Torpag Charshanbasi (Earth Tuesday) hall is decorated with ornamented carpets representing land, abundance, and fertility, artistic embroiderysamples and other types of folk art, as well as exhibits related to folk beliefs carried out in “Ilakhir Charshanbasi” (the last Tuesday). The fifth hall reflects the astronomical New Year, the equalization of day and night, winter's end, and spring's arrival. In this hall, where a holiday atmosphere is created, a colourful ‘interactive khoncha’ decorated with the main attributes of Novruz is presented to the audience. In the exposition of the exhibition, as well as through photo and video projection, Novruz elements are revived with image and sound effects, and spring ceremonial songs are performed by folklore groups. Before entering the thematic halls in the exhibition of ‘Hello, Novruz!’, paintings and graphic works of A. Azimzadeh, S. Bahlulzadeh, E. Shahtakhtinskaya and other prominent Azerbaijani artists reflecting this ancient spring holiday are also presented. In general, the exhibition, which has the bright colour of the holiday and includes all the attributes and symbols of Novruz, invites the viewer to travel within the frame of time and space. It should be noted that the performances of the ‘Nene-qizlar’ (‘Grandmother and Girls’) folklore ensemble which took part in the opening ceremony, added a special colour to the exhibition. The exhibition will continue until April 15, 2024. ..
23.02.2024 09:40
“Music in the Museum” On February 21, 2024, another concert was held in the museum within the frame of the “Music in the Museum” project, organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art. The concert programme “On the Wings of Victory” was performed by the Azerbaijan State Orchestra of Wind Musical Instruments with the artistic leadership of the chief conductor, Honoured Art Worker Alibala Rzayev. The famous marches and jazz music dedicated to the creative works of G. Garayev, V. Adigezalov, A. Aliyev, J. Strauss, A. Silvestri, W. Handy and other Azerbaijani and world musicians were sounded. The concert programme attracted great interest and was accompanied by a thematic excursion to the museum works on military themes. ..
05.02.2024 13:57
Exhibition Motherland of Mine is held at the Azerbaijan National Carpet MuseumOn January 30, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum held the opening ceremony of the private exhibition Motherland of Mine by Adil Shikhaliyev, Honoured Artist and tapestry master. The exhibition, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist’s creativity, displays up to 30 tapestries. Letter from Karabakh, The Path to Victory, Shusha (triptych), Motherland of Mine, Wedding in Shusha, the portrait tapestry Heydar Aliyev, dedicated to the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, the tapestry Moving, enriched with the national ornaments and many other works, highlighting the historical moments from the life of the country, narrate about both past and recent events. The visitors are getting acquainted with the various tapestries based on the motifs of Absheron-they occupy a significant part of the artist’s works. These are Pomegranate Garden, Mossy Stones, Absheron, Goldfish, and some other works depicting the real and mythical animals, flowers and trees. The visitors are discovering the fascinating creative world of the artist engaged in many domestic and foreign exhibitions. Amazing works such as Land of Fire and Autumn Flowers, where he used the features of the tapestry techniques to the maximum, has been created by Adil Shikhaliyev. Not only the tapestries, but also the source of the artist’s inspiration, such as the dyed yarns and plants he used to dye them, are on display. The exhibition will be on until March 6. ..
23.01.2024 08:46
Meeting Held to Discuss the Activities of Theater, Performance, and Concert InstitutionsA meeting addressing the activities of theater, performance, and concert institutions took place with the participation of Minister of Culture Adil Karimli at the International Mugham Center on January 22. The minister spoke about the government's commitment to cultural development, emphasizing President Ilham Aliyev's consistent efforts to comprehensively develop various areas of culture. “The government gives priority to increasing the material and technical resources of cultural institutions and improving the social conditions of those working in this field, and it recognizes their achievements with state awards, scholarships, and honorary titles. Under the leadership of First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation implements a number of projects aimed at the development and promotion of culture, in particular the improvement of the social status of cultural figures. However, adaptation to the challenges of the modern era requires new approaches in the field of culture. Special attention should be paid to the development of creative potential within theater and concert institutions and the preparation of performances of high artistic and aesthetic value. Regular measures are needed to ensure the safety of spectators and employees. In addition, it is necessary to improve the provision of services to citizens regarding the activities of theatrical and concert institutions, as well as the Baku State Circus”. The importance of revitalizing artistic councils, recruiting new personnel, increasing professionalism, and ensuring transparency in all spheres was also emphasized. Suggestions in relevant areas were made by Aligismet Lalayev, Director of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater, Naida Ismailzadeh, Director of the State Theater of Young Spectators, Rashad Ahmadzadeh, Director of the State Puppet Theater, Kazim Gasimov, Director of the State Song Theater, and Dilara Aliyeva, Director of the State Children's Philharmonic. ..
22.01.2024 08:45
Ministry of Culture Establishes Expert Council to Evaluate Annual Repertoires and State-Ordered Performances in Theater and Performance InstitutionsThe Council oversees the annual repertoire of theater and performance institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and performances prepared under state order. This process involves assessing alignment with the profiles of the respective theaters, adherence to national and moral values, consideration of the interests of citizens, society, and the state, incorporation of best practices in the field, and compliance with quality criteria. The first meeting of the Expert Council took place on January 18. It was noted that the projects presented for the repertoire should correspond to the areas of activity of the respective theaters, take into account the interests of citizens, society, and the state, be based on the best practices in the field, and prioritize the quality factor. It is important that directorial choices and artistic interpretations of projects meet contemporary needs. The selection of repertoire should take into account such aspects as the preservation, development, and enrichment of Azerbaijani language and cultural values, as well as the formation of an aesthetic sense in society, especially in education and the upbringing of youth with the spirit of patriotism. During the meeting, it was also emphasized that during the preparation of projects, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct justification of the idea, the clarity of the goals and objectives, as well as the relevance of the topic and its alignment with the priority areas concerning the development of culture. We would like to inform you that the expert council established by the relevant order of the Ministry of Culture is headed by Israfil Israfilov, Honored Art Worker, Doctor of Arts, Professor, Chairman of the Council of Theatre Directors of TURKSOY Member States. The council comprises nine members, including Honored Art Workers and professors Maryam Alizadeh, Aydın Talibzadeh, and Ali Amirli. It also includes experts specializing in sociology, psychology, and theater arts. ..
20.01.2024 15:02
Staff of the Ministry of Culture visits the Alley of Martyrs on January 20 - National Mourning DayOn January 20, the National Mourning Day, the management and staff of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan paid a visit to the Alley of Martyrs. Carnations were placed on the graves of the courageous children of the Motherland who sacrificed their lives in the fight for Azerbaijan's sovereignty, independence, and freedom, and their cherished memory was honored with respect. ..
16.01.2024 18:25
The Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Awarding Order "For Service to Motherland " 2nd Class to R. B. AskarovGuided by Item 23 of Article 109 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I hereby order: To award “Shohrat” Order “For Service to Motherland “ 2nd Class to Ramiz Bakhshali oghlu Askarov for his impactful contributions in the field of literary studies and journalism.   Ilham Aliyev President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Baku, January 15, 2024 ..
16.01.2024 18:24
Expert Commission Convenes Regarding the Results of the 'Let's Know and Promote Our Heritage' CompetitionAn expert commission was convened to determine the winners of the “Let's know and promote our heritage“ competition, declared by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The competition aims to promote the ancient history and rich culture of Azerbaijan, preserve and develop respect for art, national spiritual values, and traditions, draw in fresh creative talents, and engage new creative talents in the process. Identifying the winners was not possible, as the video clips presented according to the protocol reflecting the results of the meeting fell short in terms of quality and failed to meet the competition criteria. ..