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An event titled "Journey to the Ethno-cultural Landscape of West Azerbaijan" organized in Baku

On September 3, 2023, at 18:00, an event titled "Journey to the Ethno-Cultural Landscape of West Azerbaijan" was organized by the Ministry of Culture in front of the Heydar Aliyev Center. The aim of the event is to present the ethno-cultural atmosphere of West Azerbaijan and highlight its intangible cultural heritage.

At the event the national attire and culinary stand of West Azerbaijan, household items used in everyday life, and 3D replicas of historical monuments were displayed.

A concert program took place at the event, during which songs celebrating the motherland, as well as traditional Ashug songs of West Azerbaijan, were performed. The event was attended by deputies of the Milli Majlis, media representatives, residents of the capital, and foreign guests.

Aziz Alakbarli, Chairman of the Board of the West Azerbaijan Community and member of the Milli Majlis, highlighted the significance of the event in his statement to AZERTAG: "Our primary mission as the West Azerbaijan Community is to preserve the Azerbaijani cultural heritage in our historic lands and share it with the world community. This event is one of many steps in this direction. We intend to continue organizing such exhibitions. Several more are planned in the country by the end of September, and we also have plans to hold similar exhibitions abroad. In dealing with enemies like Armenia, who resort to deception and manipulation, we must present them with e facts, documents, evidence, and sources. This approach will help dispel the lies and falsehoods that Armenians have been spreading for centuries and ensure the acceptance of the truths about West Azerbaijan.

Deputy Minister of Culture Saadat Yusifova stressed that the purpose of the event is to recreate the ethno-cultural ambience of West Azerbaijan, including the revival of the festive spirit that once graced these lands, districts, and meadows. She emphasized the symbolic nature of holding the event in front of the Heydar Aliyev Center, named after the national leader Heydar Aliyev, as part of the centenary celebrations. It is of great significance as the National Leader firmly believed in the eventual restoration of justice, which would enable the return of Western Azerbaijanis to their homeland.

Emphasizing the return of former IDPs to Karabakh and East Zangezur after the glorious victory of the Patriotic War, the Deputy Minister said: "After the glorious victory, there is hope among the Western Azerbaijanis to return to their ancestral homes. The statements made by our head of state in his speeches, in which he assured the return of Western Azerbaijanis to their homeland, indicate that the day is approaching when our hopes and dreams will become reality. This opportunity will come after the signing of a peace agreement. A time will come when we will be able to return to our native lands, where we will contribute to the growth and prosperity of Azerbaijani culture”.

Hikmet Babaoghlu, Deputy Chairman of the West Azerbaijan Community and member of the Milli Majlis, emphasized the importance of this exhibition in the current context, stating: "The cultural and historical artifacts presented here, which reflect the ethno-cultural essence of West Azerbaijan, once again show that West Azerbaijan is one of the geographies of the national-cultural development of our people. Despite the tragic history of genocide and ethnic cleansing inflicted by the Armenians on the Western Azerbaijanis, their current fervent demand for their rights is rooted in the strength derived from our culture, history, and national memory. International organizations, including the UN, do not turn a blind eye to the pleas of the Western Azerbaijanis. Sooner or later, Pashinyan will have to respond to these appeals. Western Azerbaijanis will return to their homeland with dignity and continue to foster the rich cultural heritage they have cultivated over generations”.

It is worth noting that a comprehensive and systematic effort is currently underway to rectify the decades-long violation of the rights of Western Azerbaijanis and facilitate their return to their ancestral homeland. President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev played a key role in advancing this cause when he met with a delegation of West Azerbaijani intellectuals on December 24, coinciding with his birthday. This meeting laid the groundwork for more organized and coordinated efforts in this direction. The community, which serves as an advocate for the rights of Western Azerbaijanis that have been violated for decades, has taken a leading role in these efforts. It actively informs the world community about Armenia's destruction of the historical and cultural heritage of our people and tirelessly works for the repatriation of tens of thousands of Western Azerbaijanis to their native lands.


01.11.2023 16:34
Several days left the biggest book fair in the region
01.11.2023 16:18
Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the transfer of the State Symphony Orchestra named after Niyazi, the Orchestra of Folk Instruments named after Said Rustamov, and the Choir named after Jahangir Jahangirov under the Recording House of the Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting Closed Joint Stock Company to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
01.11.2023 11:35
The final declaration of the 9th meeting of the Council of Directors of State Theaters of TURKSOY member countries was signed in Shusha
01.11.2023 11:25
The 1st International TURKSOY Theater Festival will be held in Shusha and Baku from October 31 to November 4.
01.11.2023 10:51
The first Music Forum held in our country ended
18.10.2023 14:33
The first stage of the "Rise of Producers" program has been completed
18.10.2023 10:22
Fuzuli City Day was solemnly celebrated
16.10.2023 10:00
A gala concert titled "We are Together" was held in celebration of the 30th anniversary of TURKSOY
14.10.2023 14:00
Shusha Declaration was adopted at the First Cultural Forum of the Turkic World
14.10.2023 11:00
The First Cultural Forum of the Turkic World continues
13.10.2023 16:30
The 40th session of the Permanent Council of TURKSOY Ministers of Culture took place in Shusha city
13.10.2023 16:00
The First Cultural Forum of the Turkic World commenced with the opening ceremony held in Shusha
12.10.2023 09:59
The III "Korkut Ata" Turkic World Film Festival has ended
11.10.2023 14:58
Azerbaijan to hold the II Meeting of Museums of the Turkic World
11.10.2023 12:48
Our country was represented at international cultural policy events organized in Malta
10.10.2023 15:18
The exhibition The Beauty of Patterns Motifs will open in the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum
10.10.2023 13:45
A summit meeting was held within the framework of the III Turkic World Film Festival "Korkut Ata"
10.10.2023 10:23
Film personalities from the Turkic World visited Shusha
09.10.2023 15:56
The training program "Rise of Producers" was launched
09.10.2023 09:58
Azerbaijan hosts the III Korkut Ata Film Festival of the Turkic World
06.10.2023 11:30
The art competition titled “Zafarin rangi” was announced
02.10.2023 13:33
Azerbaijan will host the III Korkut Ata Film Festival of the Turkic World
29.09.2023 14:48
To the attention of experienced and beginning producers
27.09.2023 17:55
Cultural cooperation was discussed between Azerbaijan and Qatar
27.09.2023 16:42
The staff of the Ministry of Culture commemorated our martyrs
26.09.2023 17:17
Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan made a speech at the 12th Conference of Ministers of Culture in the Islamic World