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“National Cinema: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”: the film forum continues with panel discussions

As previously reported, on April 20, the film forum "Azerbaijani Cinema: 125: Reality, Challenges, and Goals" was held under the organization of the Ministry of Culture and the Heydar Aliyev Center.

The forum is being held at the Heydar Aliyev Center in honor of the national leader's centenary.

Following the opening ceremony, the film forum proceeded to panel sessions, where various speakers discussed topics such as "Ideology: National Cinema's Past, Present, and Future," "The Role of Cinema in Cultural Policy," "Choosing Themes for National Cinema: Society's Expectations and State Orders," and "Professional Staff Training Mechanisms for the Film Industry."

During the panel session moderated by TV host Vusala Mammadova, film director and People's Artist Vagif Mustafayev discussed the role of cinema in cultural politics and topic selection.

During his speech, Rafig Guliyev, an honored art worker and film director, pointed out that the film industry has moved away from ideology and the connection between cinema and the audience has deteriorated compared to the past. He expressed concern that cinema's priority has become profit rather than serving social needs.

The significance of a unique cinematic language for each nation and the necessity of creating a distinct image for national cinema was highlighted by film director, film critic, and honored art worker Ayaz Salayev. He stressed the need for movies and TV series centered on patriotism, heroism, and the Karabakh victory.

Elkhan Jafarov, an honored art worker and film director, expressed contentment with the gathering of creative individuals and the film community. He viewed this discussion format as an important step toward the future of Azerbaijani cinema. Jafarov discussed the primary cinema trends, which include ideological, commercial, and purely creative films. He mentioned the shortage of qualified personnel in the field, which affects the technical and creative quality of films.

Honored art worker and screenwriter Orkhan Fikratoghlu stressed the need for modern cinematography to align with market demand and remain open to new trends in terms of management and organization.

Ilgar Fahmi, a playwright, screenwriter, and secretary for creativity issues of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, emphasized that screenwriting the scope of topics covered by Azerbaijani films, the role and status of screenwriters in film production, and the ideological influence of mass art should be considered.

The film director, Teymur Hajiyev, highlighted the importance of cinematography as a communication tool with the global community. He stressed the need to determine the appropriate film language, idea, and form to reflect the realities of Karabakh and reach both domestic and international audiences.


Creativity: prospects of Modern Azerbaijani cinema

The second panel, which took place on April 20, was centered on "Creativity: Prospects for Modern Azerbaijani Cinema." Under the moderation of TV journalist Kamran Gasimov, the panel discussed topics like "The Criteria for Success in Auteur Cinema", "The Role of Film Festivals and Funds as Necessary Platforms for Joint Production", and "The Support System for Films with Sales Potential".


The topic was addressed by film directors and honored art workers Jamil Guliyev, Yavar Rzayev, and Oleg Safaraliyev, head of the International Cinema School operating under the Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, film director and screenwriter Asif Rustamov, cinematographer Orkhan Abbasov, and young director Turkan Huseynova. The audience had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange views.

The film forum on "Azerbaijani Cinema: 125: Reality, Challenges, and Goals" will continue its work on April 21 with panel meetings.


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